About the ESIO


The Edmonton Screen Industries Office Society (ESIO) has been established to help lead Edmonton in becoming a national and international centre for media production excellence. The organization was incorporated in May 2017, and its membership and board have been duly appointed.

The Board of Directors of the newly formed ESIO is made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds that have exceptional governance experience. The Board was selected with input from the Edmonton Screen Industries Working Group, which has subsequently briefed the ESIO Board on key industry issues and opportunities.

The ESIO Board knows that it will do its best work and offer thoughtful strategic leadership if it works alongside specialists in the screen industries sector. Along with the first task of hiring an exemplary and visionary CEO (the process for which is underway as of June 19, 2016), the ESIO Board will establish an advisory committee structure that ensures that it will remain abreast of issues, opportunities and innovations across the sector, while remaining true to its governance mandate.


The ESIO Board of Directors will be responsible for stewarding an organization that works in an integrated way across the following four dimensions to ensure that screen industries are nurtured and thrive in Edmonton:

  1. Explore innovations and the future of the industries on multiple platforms, so that Edmonton can be at the forefront of new directions in the sector.
  2. Facilitate local content production across a variety of platforms.
  3. Seek out markets and distribution avenues for locally produced content.
  4. Attract projects that our Edmonton talent pool can support.


The ESIO will listen, learn and champion this exciting sector with perseverance, passion and an eye to the best possible future for the sector in Edmonton. We know that the future of the Canadian economy will be shaped by those who have the opportunity to turn their intellectual property into profitable products and services that the world wants. This is as true of the screen industries sector as it is of any other. We are of the firm view that the world needs more Edmonton – its talent, its people, its ideas and energy. Our commitment is to building and supporting a screen industries ecosystem where talent of all kind can thrive and impact global markets.