ESI Glossary of Terms


Glossary March 7, 2016

A working glossary for discussion and input from stakeholders to establish a common language for Edmonton


Screen Industries

The business of narrative fiction and nonfiction content production for multiple screen distribution – from mobile, television, Internet streaming and theatrical release inclusive of live action, animation and interactive video games.

Edmonton Screen Industries Office

Defined by Stakeholder Consultation

Intellectual Property

Is the legal right and ownership to an idea, invention or creation. Intellectual property (IP) is a creation of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; symbols, names and images used in commerce; for which one may apply for a patent, copyright, trademark, etc.


Someone who makes a living in a given field of endeavour. A person engaged or qualified in a specified activity as one’s main paid occupation, rather than as a pastime or hobby.

Supportive Digital Media

Supportive products are distributed on multiple platforms including apps, music, websites, augmented reality, e-books, video and e-commerce which are created to serve a Screen Industries IP with the goal to increase audience and revenue.

Content Producer

A professional who creates narrative IP for fiction and/or nonfiction screen content for live action, animation or interactive video gaming, and so on, for a fee.

Local Producer

An Edmonton area professional who creates and/or owns narrative fiction and/or nonfiction screen content for live action, animation and/or interactive video gaming and finances, produces, and controls distribution and IP.

Service Producer

A professional producer who is hired and paid to produce a program for which they have no IP ownership or rights and may provide a small percentage of the financing.


A local professional content producer that partners with another national or international producer where each party shares IP, copyright, ownership and profit recoupment that is equitable to the level of financing each invests.

Crafts Person

Any professional who participates in the making of Screen Industries IP and may be listed


An actor who performs on or off camera within the Screen Industries.


Professional teachers, lecturers, and experts from industry, the private sector and government, who work with industry members to help them improve and acquire new skill sets within the Screen Industries.

Foreign and/or Out-of-province Production

An international or ‘out-of-province’ screen project produced or co-produced, all or in part, in Edmonton and area, under foreign creative control, and is originated and developed by non-Edmontonians/Albertans .

Co-venture Production

An international co-production which is not included under any of the treaties administered by Telefilm Canada, including all ventures with co-producers of foreign countries that either do not have a film or television production treaty with Canada or, if there is a treaty, the co-production is not specifically covered by the treaty.

Screen Based Device

Any screen that is used to display interactive or non-interactive, fiction or nonfiction.

Linear Narrative

Narrative content that is experienced by an audience through a non-interactive playback format that follows a beginning, middle and end structure.

Non-linear Narrative

Content that is experienced by an audience through an interactive nonlinear format that features a cumulative gathering and/or ability to control story elements.

Cross Platform Production

The process of conceiving, producing, and distributing various independent Screen Industries Products from a single Intellectual Property. Each product stands alone as a separate audience experience and does not depend on the existence of other forms to complete the story experience. Example: films, games, and animation series based on the Harry Potter IP

Cross Platform Distribution

The process of translating a Screen Industries Product from one format to another to allow that product to reach other audiences. For example, converting a Theatrical Release film to a DVD product and then transferring that DVD product to an Over The Top distributor.

Transmedia Production

The process of producing various dependent screen based products from an anchor Intellectual Property. Each product serves to provide a portion of the storytelling experience and requires the existence of the other forms to complete the story.


A general title or concept used for creating or marketing a series of products, typically films, television shows, video games, or toys. A franchise is the IP and all its related Screen Industries Products.


A. Over The Top/Aggregator/Digital Distribution

Companies that aggregate and/or commission content to stream over their own subscription-based Internet streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, Shomi, Amazon, Crave, Steam, Origin, and Xbox Live Marketplace.

B. Physical Media

Screen Industries Products that are published on physical objects that allow for the product to be played or installed such as Blu Ray, DVD, Hard Drive etc.

C. Theatrical Release

A fiction or nonfiction narrative made to be distributed in traditional theatre venues, as distinguished from those made for television.

D. Traditional Broadcast

A licensed CRTC or FCC television service on multiple platforms where the viewer has to watch a program premier at the particular time it’s offered and the particular channel it’s presented on. Viewer attention focused on the program and it is not possible to intervene in a show’s unfolding. This linear service can also be offered on VOD and mobile

E. Web/App Distribution

Screen Industries Products that are delivered and experienced in a web browser or a mobile app. These products are unique from OTT distribution because they require either the browser or app platform in order to experience them.